Kon Champavannarath

Director of Operational Technology, UFP Packaging | Affiliated College – Polk State College (PSC)


With over 20+ years in technology, Kon started his career in healthcare and after 13 years, he joined PalletOne in 2015 and currently serves as Director of Operational Technology at UFP Packaging. PalletOne is part of UFP Packaging’s global portfolio of packaging companies, generating over $1 billion in revenue annually. UFP Packaging is a wholly owned subsidiary of UFP Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: UFPI). PalletOne is the nation’s largest, single-source, asset-based pallet manufacturer. With over 70 company-owned wood packaging and pallet manufacturing operations across the U.S., we directly control our material supply, production, distribution processes, and labor resources. Headquartered in Bartow, FL, the company manufactures new pallets, provides pallet repair programs, recycles used pallets, and produces a variety of other wood products. The company also offers customized services, including wood packaging design, engineering and testing, and is an industry leader in robotic and automated pallet manufacturing processes.

As the nation’s leading new pallet manufacturer, PalletOne maintains the largest inventory of wood packaging raw material, component parts, and contract-based purchasing agreements to ensure ongoing raw material supply at competitive prices. The company possesses the greatest pallet assembly capacity in the U.S., processing over 1.3 billion board feet of industrial grade lumber annually. Through its global network of proven vendors, cost-efficient and sustainable alternative material supply is assured. PalletOne’s geographic breadth and depth of raw material sourcing assures reliable supply during natural disasters, raw material shortages, and other disruptions.

PalletOne provides unmatched product quality and expertise coming from over 40 years of experience in the pallet industry. As the industry leader, PalletOne focuses on continuous improvement while producing and delivering pallets at the lowest possible cost.


  • Leadership Development & Team Building
  • IT Vision and Strategy
  • R&D
  • Digital Transformation
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Engineering
  • Process improvement
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Safety

Polk State College



Phone: 863-804-5276

Email: kchamp@ufpi.com

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/konchamp/