Abraham (Abe) Alangadan

Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies | Affiliated College – Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ)


A relevant achievement or accomplishments (optional) Abraham (Abe) Alangadan is a Senior Project Portfolio Manager at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. He is an executive board member of the First Coast Manufacturing Association and FloridaMakes. Alangadan earned his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Bangalore University and his master’s degree in environmental health from Temple University.

Alangadan is leading Bridge to Employment (BTE) program at Johnson & Johnson where it is designed to support education, training, and career support to at-risk youth. His vision at Johnson & Johnson is to bring the BTE program to Jacksonville’s local high schools with hopes that the program will also reduce the inequities in healthcare.
Mr. Alangadan has recognized the effects of education and training through a systematic approach as he has mentioned: “Education equals better opportunities, not only in their future careers but in their access to healthcare as well.”

Mr. Alangadan is a Career Source Florida Board Member.

Florida State College


Phone: 904 571 5253

Email: abealan11@gmail.com