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Introducing the Revamped MFG Day PB-Wiki Resources Page II

Manufacturing Day and Month needs your help in collecting surveys! In 2018, 5,075 students went on industry tours during Manufacturing Day, but only 24% students completed and turned in their surveys. During Manufacturing Day and Month, FLATE collects data from surveys completed by students, teachers, and manufacturers. The Manufacturing Day surveys gives feedback on how industry tours can be improved and gives us an insight on what students think about manufacturing fields. In 2018, we saw how big of an impact the tours had on students when results showed that there was a 77% additional growth for students considering a career in advanced manufacturing after taking an industry tour. Some of the additional comments students wanted to share were, “This was the most interesting field trip I have been on,” and, “I was happy to have the opportunity to go on this tour and I would like to receive a job at one of these manufacturing facilities once I reach the designated requirements.”

In addition, by completing the Post-Teacher and Parent Survey, we can learn more about how teachers prepared students for the tour, more information on the students, and receive detailed feedback on the impact the tour had on both students and teachers. For instance, in 2018 97% of teachers and parents were able to see how STEM subjects were put to work in high tech industries and 100% recommended that other students have an opportunity to take an industry tour.

We also would love to hear feedback from Manufacturers to learn more about the tour and the perspective of the industry. The Post Tour Host Survey will help us view the in-kind contributions, the effectiveness of Manufacturing Day student tours, and see any opportunities your facility offers to the next generation of workers.

How to Access and Return Post Tour Manufacturing Day Surveys

Visit https://flate.pbworks.com or search “FLATE Wiki” to visit FLATE’s PB Wiki Page and select the tour bus on the front page. You should see a banner with the Manufacturing Day logo at the top and, on the side, you will see a navigational bar. Select “MFG Day Surveys” and click on either the “Online survey” or the “Printable Survey”. If you choose to complete the survey by paper, please be sure to complete a “Cover Sheet” for each tour your students went on. For instance, if you took two different groups of students to SMT, you would need to complete a cover sheet for both of those tours. We recommend that you take the cover sheet with you on the tour so the tour guide can help you complete the “Industry” portion of the sheet. In addition, you can take the student surveys with you on the tour to ensure an allotted time to complete the survey. Online surveys can be accessed by a cell phone or computer by following the first steps above or visiting this link!

Remember!! Online surveys are an eco-friendly and fast-paced way to turn in surveys and allows students to complete the survey at any time!

Paper surveys can be turned in at this location:

FLATE – HCC Brandon

10451 Nancy Watkins Dr.

Tampa, FL 33619

We’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on Manufacturing Day and Month, so please follow the links below to complete and share with your fellow tour adventurers!

Post Tour Student Survey

Post Tour Teacher & Parent Survey

Post Tour Manufacturer Survey

Ready to host or take a tour? Then visit the Contact Page to contact your Regional Manufacturing Association or School Coordinator! For questions concerning the Manufacturing Day Resources Page, contact Elizabeth Duran (duran@fl-ate.org). To learn more about Manufacturing Day and Month in Florida, contact Marilyn Barger (barger@fl-ate.org)