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Introducing the Revamped Manufacturing Day PB-Wiki Resources Page!

Manufacturing Day and Month is getting closer each day! If you are looking to participate or searching for resources to improve the students’ tours experiences, then come visit the newly revamped FLATE PBWIKI Manufacturing Day Resources Page! On this page, you will find a lot of menu options to choose from on the left side of the screen. In this article, we will review the resources available under the hosts, educators, and marketing tabs.
Before we begin, we highly recommend you read FLATE Guides: Best Practices for Industry Tours! The Best Practices to Industry Tours will introduce you to manufacturing tours and will go through the steps on how to plan an impactful student tour whether you are a host or a teacher.

The “HOSTS” tab contains resources for manufacturers when preparing for their industry tours during Manufacturing Day and Month. You will find wonderful Tour Tips, handouts, informational presentations, the MFG Day Proclamation, and a link to the MFG Day’s Planning Guide! The Tour Tips and MFG Planning Guide will help you to plan your tour, inform you of previous hosts’ tactics for improving tours, and provide a way to further promote and disseminate your tour. In addition, there is a downloadable regional manufacturer’s association contact list.
As part of celebrating Manufacturing Day and Month, FloridaMakes is seeking help from Florida’s manufacturers to create a compiled video. They are requesting Florida manufacturers to make a small clip about what they make in Florida and how their products impact our daily lives. The compiled video and short clips, will be used to inspire the next generation of manufacturers so, if you are interested in participating, you can find the video making guidelines by clicking  here!

Teachers, are you looking for some fun educational opportunities for your students to learn more about manufacturing in anticipation of your class tour? The “EDUCATORS” tab contains lesson plans and informational flyers for you and your students. We currently offer three lesson plans: Pre & Post Tour Lesson Plan, Scavenger Hunt Activity, and CIS Lesson Plans. The Pre & Post Tour Lesson Plan is designed to go along with the industry tours and teaches students how STEM is connected to manufacturing.  Meanwhile, the Scavenger Hunt Activity is geared towards informing students what is manufactured in Florida by having them search the web for information. If you are looking to go more in-depth with teaching students about detailed subjects in manufacturing, we offer the CIS Lesson Plans which help students prepare and succeed in Hi-tech careers. The CIS Lesson Plans is a four-day lesson plan with eight different activities that cover: Assembly, Automation, Electronics Assembly, Materials Selection, Product Design, Quality Measures: Metrology, Subtractive Machining, and Fabrication: Welding. Each of FLATE’s lesson plans contains teacher instructions, student handouts, and presentations that can be modified based on your needs.
In addition to lesson plans, the educators’ tab has informational flyers that can help students and educators alike learn the basics about manufacturing. The “Manufacturing Job Journey” and “What is Manufacturing?” flyers contain information on hourly pay for some manufacturing jobs and a quick overview of manufacturing processes and sectors.

The “Marketing” tab is home to all of the resources you could use to help promote Manufacturing

2019 MFG Day T-Shirt Design

Day and Month to your school or company. The page contains the MFG Day Proclamation template, presentations, flyers, and movies that contain statistical information on how Manufacturing Day and Month has impacted students, how important manufacturing is, and why it’s important for students to go on industry tours. In addition, we have added the 2013-2018 MFG Day-FL Data Dashboard to show how Manufacturing Day and Month’s participation has advanced over the years.
On this page, you will also find graphics that can enrich the student’s industry tour experience! We have multiple different designs that you can use such as: the MFG Day Poster, MFG Day FL Infographic, downloadable buttons, the 2019 Florida Manufacturing Day t-shirt design, and logos. Help promote Manufacturing Day and Month by downloading, using, and customizing the Company Email Signature with your logo. You can edit or use these designs as needed as long as it is not for commercial use.

Ready to host or take a tour? Then visit the Contact Page to contact your Regional Manufacturing Association or School Coordinator! For questions concerning the Manufacturing Day Resources Page, contact Elizabeth Duran (duran@fl-ate.org). To learn more about Manufacturing Day and Month in Florida, contact Marilyn Barger (barger@fl-ate.org)